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Access to our buildings

To keep our staff and any visitors as safe as possible, we've introduced more security measures in and around our buildings.

Identity badges

Staff should wear their ID badges and visitors must wear the visitor ID badges which have been issued to them. People who are not displaying ID badges should be challenged.

Anyone not known to location personnel must be challenged in order to establish who they are and whether authorisation has been provided for them to be there. If there is any doubt about the identity of the individual, the appropriate security officer or manager should be contacted to confirm the individual’s identity.

Staff in residential establishments will need to check their local procedures whilst working inside the home.


The use of keys to buildings, rooms, secure cabinets and safes must be controlled and recorded. Keys must be stored in secure areas or locked cabinets when not in use and must be identifiable by recording serial or ID markings of all keys.

The location of keys must be known at all times and a signing in and out recording mechanism must be maintained to record the serial number or ID of keys against individual names when keys are used.

Access codes

Access to and knowledge of door lock codes or access to keys for locks are restricted to authorised personnel only and must not be shared with any unauthorised person. Door access codes are changed every month.

Please remember that employees should not write down access codes or passwords anywhere. This includes scraps of paper, post-it notes and the back of staff identification badges.

Read more about County Hall Security and access codes.

Our access control policy is attached to this page.