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Contact Centre retention schedule

 Version 3.0, adopted November 2021, expires end November 2022.

A pdf version of this retention schedule, including full version history, is held in the EDRM Retention Schedules folder.

See an explanation of the 6+ Rule and all other standard disposition codes.

Contact Centre: covering remote contact with public

All the following are forms of transient data, to be destroyed after the period indicated or captured in a record keeping system.

CON 1.1: Process of managing incoming enquiries to the Contact Centre

Disposition: D<1 Destroy 6 months after receipt


  • Correspondence (email)

Rationale: Operational

CON 1.2: Process of managing outgoing responses from the Contact Centre

Disposition: D<1 Destroy 6 months after sending


  • Correspondence (email)

Rationale: Operational

CON 1.3: Process of monitoring staff / customer interaction by telephone, direct messaging or equivalent means

Disposition: D<1 Destroy after one month


  • Recorded phone calls / customer messages

Rationale: Common practice

CON1.4: Process of recording notes temporarily, in order to update an electronic system at a later stage

Disposition: D<1 Transient data. Destroy note or notebook on closure


  • Notes taken before data is input into electronic system

Rationale: Common practice (cross-reference from Management and Administration retention schedule)