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This policy sets out the framework for managing employee induction.

The policy is attached to this page and is supplemented by managers’ guidelines with appendices:

  • induction checklist
  • e-learning induction managers’ guide
  • e-learning induction employee guide
  • summary of e-learning induction
  • flowchart - induction on commencement
  • flowchart - induction process


The induction policy sets out the:

  • benefits of a good induction to both the council and the employee
  • process and structure to be followed
  • roles and responsibilities of managers, employees and HR
  • timescales to be followed


The aim of the guidelines is to provide practical support and guidance in managing employees’ induction into a new post. They should be read in conjunction with the induction policy and the appendices to the guidelines, in particular the managers’ induction checklist.

Guidance is provided on considerations:

  • prior to the employee’s start date
  • on commencement in post
  • in undertaking meetings with the employee
  • when objectives are, or are not, being met