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The exit process

This page contains information for employees and managers on the exit process including guidance on completing the exit questionnaire and the exit interview.

It is important to us to understand why employees leave the organisation. The information provided is used to help build on good employment practices and to highlight and address areas where the council could improve.

We want honest feedback and any information provided will be treated in confidence.

The exit questionnaire

After the employee resigns from their post, the manager will notify the HR Services pay team by submitting the leavers form on Workplace and attach a copy of the resignation letter.

This will generate:

  • an email to resigning employees with a work email address providing them with a link to complete the exit questionnaire and making them aware that their manager will request an exit interview
  • an email to managers to remind them to arrange an exit interview, encourage their employee to complete an exit questionnaire and to arrange to collect all council equipment and update the equipment loaned form and store in the employees HR file on EDRM

If the resigning employee doesn't have a work email address, managers should check if they have a smartphone and personal email address to send the online questionnaire to. On the rare occasion they do not, managers can take the employees answers over the phone and record them on their behalf.

We will also write to employees once the resigning employees leaving date has been processed on the payroll system.

Complete the exit questionnaire

Employees can complete the survey anonymously, if they prefer, or provide us with their details.

The exit meeting

It is important that managers arrange an exit interview with resigning employees as soon as possible. The purpose of this meeting is to discuss the leavers working experience, their reasons for leaving, and to make appropriate arrangements for the employee to leave their post.

Leaving a workplace can be a very emotive time for all parties and it’s important that resigning employees feel supported and feel able to leave the council on good terms.

It may be that they prefer to have the meeting with a more senior manager in the same team or with an HR business partner so, if this is the case, you should arrange for this take place.

Employees can choose not to have an exit meeting, but it is important that we offer it to them.

The exit meeting should cover the employee's views found on their exit questionnaire, or, if the employee has not completed the questionnaire, on the following areas:

  • reason for leaving
  • job content
  • wellbeing
  • development and support
  • recommendations for change
  • any good experiences expressed by the employee
  • any concerns or dissatisfaction expressed by the employee

If you do have an exit interview with the resigning employee, you should follow up on any areas of concern or dissatisfaction they express, consider what improvements you can make locally and escalate to your line manager anything that needs to be resolved at a higher level.

When completed managers should upload the exit interview notes to the employee's HR file on EDRM.

If the employee has had their meeting with another nominated person or HR, the person conducting the meeting will arrange for this documentation to be uploaded to the employee's HR file on EDRM via a senior manager.