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Apprentice hub and networking

The Talent Development Team are excited to announce the launch of the first ever DCC apprentice hub.

All individuals studying an apprenticeship with DCC can now join the DCC apprenticeship community.

What is the apprentice hub?

It is a brand-new resource created just for DCC apprentices to access resources, share top tips, connect with and gain support from other apprentices across the council.

What will you find when you access the hub?

  • information about apprenticeships and topics such as off-the-job training, Gateway and End Point Assessment, topics on time management, motivation, and presentation skills - we’ve suggested a few and will continue to build content by asking our apprentices to share their ideas and useful tools to support one another 
  • there is also a link to the Association of Apprentices, who provide over 3,000 free resources including e-learning, masterclasses, and apprentice events

If you are an apprentice - take the time to browse through - with the bonus of contributing to those off-the-job hours!  Line Managers you can also view resources & support your apprentice. 

Is there a way to connect with other apprentices across the organisation?

Yes, and we encourage all our apprentices to do so. Perhaps as an apprentice:

  • you need a little support with motivation right now or maybe you would appreciate someone to study with - whether virtual or in person?
  • perhaps you want to find out who else is on the same apprenticeship as you?
  • maybe you want support with a project, Gateway or End Point Assessment?

Start chatting with other apprentices through the Microsoft team’s channel. There are also options to start networks with other apprentices in DCC or join external apprentice groups.

How do I access the hub?

Visit the hub and start browsing – remember to add the link to your favourites.