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Message from Managing Director, Emma Alexander - Our new Performance Management Framework

Published on 17 April 2023.

We’ve been listening to your feedback over the last few months, through our annual survey, engagement forums, trade unions and around 400 colleagues who have been involved in focus groups and responded to surveys. 

As a result, we have revised our Performance Management Policy and replaced the My Plan process with a new Performance Management Framework which is designed to support us to develop a high performing culture.

Having a good performance management approach is considered best practice for all organisations and it helps us to achieve our council ambition: ‘We will work together with our partners and communities to be an enterprising council, delivering value for money and enabling local people and places to thrive.’

We want to develop our culture and create the right conditions for our colleagues to be committed, motivated, high performing and engaged, empowered and challenged, valued and energised.

Throughout the development of the new approach, we have been mindful that we are a diverse organisation, and it is important to recognise that one approach does not fit all. As a result, we are introducing slightly different approaches for different employee groups, to ensure we have a tailored approach that works for different job roles. We shared this new approach with senior leaders at their Leadership Forum last week so they will be in touch with you soon to explain how this new approach applies to you in your role. In the meantime, please watch this short video which explains our new approach.

Our Derbyshire has been updated with the revised Performance Management Policy and supporting resources. There is also a Performance Development Review (PDR) SharePoint site for all line managers containing information and resources.

Please remember that you should be having end of year reviews for 2022/23 under both the My Plan and PDR processes by the end of April 2023. Your 2023/24 PDR should be planned so that your goals and personal development plan is agreed by the end of May 2023.

I hope you will join me in welcoming this new approach and that you soon begin to see the benefits of this more structured and comprehensive framework