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National Social Care Day of Remembrance and Reflection

Published on 17 March 2022.

A message from Helen Jones, Executive Director, Adult Social Care and Health.

Today marks the first Social Care Day of Remembrance and Reflection.

This national memorial day honours the work of the adult social care workforce throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and remembers the 922 colleagues across the UK who tragically lost their lives between March 2020 and May 2021.

Twenty-one organisations have come together to launch the memorial after the particularly challenging 18 months we've all experienced. In addition to remembering those we've lost it's a way of recognising the tireless work and huge sacrifices made by social care workers during the pandemic, their courage and selfless care for others.

An online memorial page has been set up giving people a safe space to remember people. Because we all have increasingly busy lives this offers people much needed time to reflect on the vital work that the social care sector has done to keep people safe and well. You can leave your reflections on either the COVID-19 memorial wall or the thank you walls set up by the Care Workers Charity and Skills for Care. It applies to anyone in social care, whether they work on the frontline, or behind the scenes.

As Executive Director for Adult Social Care, I'm deeply proud of all of us who work in social care in Derbyshire. In spite of the huge pressures during the pandemic at its height and more recently with the increasing demand on the system due to the Omicron variant, people have shown incredible skill and perseverance. In a world where priorities were changing almost hourly at one point, your focus never wavered. It's always about the people we support.