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Our refreshed Council Plan – a message from Managing Director, Emma Alexander

Published on 21 April 2023.

We’ve now published our updated Council Plan for 2023-25 which sets out our key ambitions, priorities, opportunities and challenges.

Refreshing our Council Plan allows us to recognise and appraise the achievements of the last 12 months as well as giving us the opportunity to reassess and reshape our priorities where needed, ensuring we have strong, clear objectives in place.

While the detail of the plan has changed to reflect the challenges and opportunities ahead, our overall ambition remains the same:

“We will work together with our partners and communities to be an enterprising council, delivering value for money and enabling local people and places to thrive.’’

The Council Plan is supported by four departmental Service Plans, each with their own delivery plan which sets out the contributions each service will make to achieving our outcomes and priorities.

It’s important that we all understand how our individual roles help to deliver our Council Plan and achieve our ambition. That’s why, earlier this year we asked senior leaders to hold 'the part that we all play' sessions with their teams to discuss your service and delivery plans and ensure that we are all aligned.

Our new performance management approach which I mentioned in my last blog, will play an important role in ensuring that everyone’s goals are ultimately aligned to the Council Plan.

Please take the time to look through our Council Plan and Service Plans if you haven’t already done so and speak to your manager if you have any questions about your role and how you contribute to our success.