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Council and service plans

The Council Plan sets out our ambition, the outcomes we are seeking to achieve and our key priorities.

Council Plan

Our Council Plan sets out our key priorities, ambitions, challenges, opportunities, achievements and headline initiatives.

Having a robust plan which sets out what we want to achieve and how we intend to do it is essential. It’s also vital that all our colleagues understand the part they play in delivering our council ambition.

Read the council plan.

Service planning

To support the Council Plan, there are 4 departmental service plans which provide an overview of each department and set out the contributions they will make to achieving our outcomes and priorities.

Each service plan is accompanied by a delivery plan documenting how the key actions outlined in the summary plans will be delivered.

Read our service plans.

Divisional and team plans

Below our service plans, your team will also have a divisional plan, team plan or both. These are plans developed locally to support the delivery of your service plan and will contain operational activities.

These plans are available as follows:

If you are having trouble finding your divisional or team plans, please speak to your manager.