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2021-2022 pay award agreed

1 March 2022

You will be pleased to hear that the national pay agreement for Local Government Service employees for 2021/22 has been agreed. It is a one year pay agreement effective from 1 April 2021.

Derbyshire pay scales

Employees on pay point 1 will receive a 2.75% rise. Employees on pay point 2 and above will receive a pay rise of 1.75% - covering all employees on Derbyshire pay grades 3 to 16.

In line with the National Pay Agreement, employees on Derbyshire pay scales will receive backdated pay to 1 April 2021 - you will receive the backdated pay in your March 2022 pay.

Soulbury pay scales

Employees on Soulbury pay scales will receive a pay rise of 1.75% on all pay points, effective from 1 September 2021. You will receive your backdated pay to 1 September 2021 in your March 2022 pay.