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A message from Executive Director, Emma Alexander 20 November 2020

20 November 2020

I am very aware that this is stating the obvious but we – as an organisation and as individuals – are working in unprecedented times and have been for much of this year.

Sadly the challenges of Covid are very much still with us and the flexibility and focus we have shown will be needed again as we move into greater testing and vaccination roll out.

Whilst it has been difficult, I have been both amazed and incredibly proud of the way we have approached the challenge in Derbyshire and have worked with our partners across the county. You have all been part of that and you have mine, and the people of Derbyshire’s, ongoing thanks.

You will know that the ‘normal’ work of the council has not stopped and we have resumed almost all of our usual activity over the summer. The need for local government to change to be fit for the future, and to meet both budget challenges and the expectations of our residents, has also not gone away and it is really important that we accelerate our transformation activities to truly be the enterprising council we strive to be.

As such, work has been underway under the Enterprising Council programme to look at how we manage change and transformation in the council and how we take a more strategic and coordinated approach. It is very clear from the review work we have done that we need a single and joined-up one council approach to our vision, our ways of working and transformation that is understood by everyone.

As a result, over the next few weeks PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) will be working with us to do an in-depth study into the activities underway across the organisation and to establish a council-wide approach to transformation. This will support all change activity across the organisation and give us a single view of where our efforts are placed and the projects we’re currently delivering in our Enterprising Council drive. At the moment we have many initiatives happening across the organisation which seek to improve and change how we work but no single approach and vision, and we need that to ensure we are as effective as we can be and delivering value for our residents.

Colleagues across the organisation will be involved in the work and a key part of it is some initial data collection to understand where we currently place our efforts and how different activities are currently delivered across the council. We will need everyone’s help with this and it is really important that your voice is heard as part of this work.

The next Our Derbyshire update will have a link to a survey and I am asking all colleagues to take around 10 minutes to complete it as soon as possible.

By being part of this work you are shaping how we move forward, our ‘one council’ approach and are part of the delivery of the Enterprising Council programme.

Hundreds of you have stepped up to be part of the Modern Ways of Working piece, looking at how and where we work in the future, and to be digital champions. This survey is another step on our journey: thank you in advance for taking part.