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Adding to the support for your wellbeing

11 August 2023

Joined Up Care Derbyshire (JUCD) has launched their Your Wellbeing website which details all the wellbeing services available to you. 

It’s been designed to help you navigate your way through all the support available.

The website includes:

  • Your wellbeing timetable – a timetable of series activities to promote physical and mental wellbeing. Our free exercise sessions for employees are also included on this timetable 
  • Your self care – a wealth of resources and support services available across all areas of wellbeing
  • Your wellbeing champions – a network of colleagues who provide local support to their teams
  • Your wellbeing map – an interactive map outlining the range of support services available
  • Your support – a comprehensive range of support programmes and initiatives available from the JUCD wellbeing service
  • Your wellbeing news – the latest news and support information available from the JUCD team.