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Annual information governance training

5 May 2023

If you’ve had an email asking you to complete the online information governance training, please make sure you do so.

You will receive an email with a link to the training around a month before you need to complete it. If it’s not completed you will also get an email a week after it was due. This email will also be sent to your line manager so that they can make sure their team is up to date with the training. If you've not spotted the email and you have your emails split into 'focused' and 'other', please check the 'other' file.

So that we can continue to share important data and information with health colleagues, and provide assurance to the Information Commissioner’s Office, we need 95% of all our employees to complete the training every year. Managers should check that their teams are doing this or if members of their team have left or are on maternity leave they should be taken out of the calculations.

You can also find the training on Derbyshire Learning Online by searching for ‘information governance’.

If you have any queries please talk to your manager.