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Are you fraud-aware?

16 November 2022

It’s International Fraud Awareness Week so it’s a good opportunity to think about the risks of fraud and how you can protect yourself and us from fraud.

It’s estimated that at least £7.3 billion is lost to local government through fraud each year.

We have policies and procedures in place to prevent fraud from happening, but sometimes fraud is only identified when individual employees become suspicious that something just isn’t right.


If you suspect fraud is taking place, please report it immediately to audit services using our whistleblowing policy. This can be done anonymously if you wish.

Online learning

How to find out more:

You can learn more about how to prevent fraud on a 30-minute module on Derbyshire Learning Online.


There are a number of council policies and plans to help us all prevent fraud:

You can also find out more on the Fraud Week website.