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AVC Wise is changing its name to My Money Matters

22 April 2024

AVC Wise, our partner for delivering shared cost additional voluntary contributions (shared cost AVCs) to Local Government Pension Scheme members is changing its name to My Money Matters. You will now be able to access more financial education and wellbeing information on the website.

There are no other changes to your membership of the Shared Cost AVC scheme.

More about shared cost AVCs

If you're a Local Government Pension Scheme member, our shared cost AVC scheme is one of the most effective ways to boost your retirement savings through salary sacrifice.

Shared cost AVCs offer a variety of key benefits including:

  • making tax and National Insurance contribution savings on the money you add to your shared cost AVC pot
  • you can choose and change how much you contribute at any time, starting from as little as £2 per month
  • you can access your pot of money from age 55 onwards, meaning you could retire early

You can find out more about shared cost AVCs by visiting My Money Matters Knowledge Hub.