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Caring staff show their Derbyshire spirit

21 May 2020

Our staff have been showing their Derbyshire Spirit to answer calls to provide extra support for vulnerable and elderly residents during the coronavirus outbreak.

We've launched a county-wide recruitment campaign to encourage people whose working situation has changed to consider becoming a carer for us.

We need more people to help older people live independently in their own homes, their local community or in our care homes.

So far we've received 145 application forms and 69 people have been offered jobs with us.

We've also called on existing staff to help and staff in adult care have stepped up with offers of support either through redeployment or working extra hours on top of their normal roles.

One of them is social worker Danielle Green who is temporarily working shifts at Beechcroft Care Home in West Hallam as a carer. The 29-year-old said:

"I have previous experience working as a community carer and felt these skills could be utilised to provide additional support to vulnerable members of the community.

"I was working from home and, although my previous role was supporting those in need, I felt I could do more practically to assist colleagues and clients who were in need of an extra pair of hands.

"I also knew my team would support in managing the workload to allow me to be redeployed."

She now provides hands on support including personal care, help with dressing, eating and drinking – all while wearing full PPE which is provided to all staff who require it to stay safe in line with government guidelines.

Danielle added:

“This role is more physically demanding in regards to meeting people's care needs where as in my day job I am practically meeting people's needs by assessing individuals and putting in place services and support.

“However they are very similar as it involves being able to communicate effectively with clients, colleagues and other professionals, managing risk and ensuring people's care and support needs are met effectively and safely and building trust and rapport quickly.

“Doing this has given me the opportunity to help both colleagues and clients and feel like I am contributing during a difficult time.”

Community care worker Vicky Walters has also picked up extra shifts at one of our care homes to help out. She said:

"I've learnt just how dedicated the staff there are and I felt quite proud to be able to help. The staff there made me feel very welcome. I offered to help as I wanted to feel like I'm doing something to help in this current situation."

While Selina Matthews, a social worker with Chesterfield First Response Team, says her experience of working in a care home has given her a better understanding to help her in her actual job. She said:

"I offered my services as I was aware that there was a shortage of staff and wanted to provide support where I could during this difficult time.

"I was apprehensive prior to starting as I had not provided care since being a student and this was very different to my day-to-day job.

"However, this experience has provided me with a better understanding of the difficulties that care home staff face and their dedication to the role. It also gave me a real insight in to the vulnerability of service users and the extent of the care that they require.

"I found this experience beneficial for my own practice and I hope that others will share in this experience and offer their services to the areas that are in great need."

To find out more about being redeployed please email

If you know of someone who could become a care hero please encourage them to apply.