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Changes to meeting rooms at County Hall

22 December 2021

Due to continuing COVID-19 guidance and the implementation of our modern ways of working programme, there will be some changes to meeting rooms in County Hall.

Some existing rooms will now be unavailable to use as meeting rooms from 31 December 2021 and will be replaced with a range of new meeting rooms designed to be accessible and available to all staff.

Meeting rooms will now be designated as shared spaces and will continue to be available for bookings, with the added features of collaborative space and hybrid design, to allow both physical and virtual attendees. To ensure these rooms are COVID-19 secure, there will be reductions in the number of physical attendees allowed to occupy each room.

All rooms apart from hybrid meeting rooms will be available to book on the room booking system, with information available including maximum occupancy, room schedules and static equipment available. Some rooms will only be available to directors and will be marked ‘DMR’. The new hybrid meeting rooms (HMR) will not be able to be booked on the room booking system – these will be able to be booked separately through Outlook and Teams using the location button when scheduling a meeting.

The list of meeting rooms unavailable County Hall from 31 December 2021 are:

  • North Block - Room 014 (Mezzanine)
  • North Block - Room 166A
  • North Block - Room 267
  • North Block - Room 272
  • North Block - Room 390
  • North Block - Room 391
  • North Block - Room N6
  • North Block - Room S15
  • North Block - Room S16
  • South Block - Room 54
  • South Block - Room 129
  • South Block - Room 502
  • South Block - Room B247
  • South Block - Room B252
  • South Block - Room B256

More information about booking rooms at County Hall.