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Changes to standby, sleep-in and recall to work duty payments

3 November 2021

We have reviewed standby, sleep-in and recall to work duty payments terms and conditions. The consultation and engagement process has included employees and managers representatives from all departments, along with the trade unions on behalf of the wider workforce.

A collective agreement has now been reached with the joint trade unions to vary terms and conditions for standby duty payments with effect from 1 November 2021.

Managers must ensure employees are claiming the dates and times they are on duty accurately as this will directly affect their pay.

Employees undertaking standby duty from Friday into the following Monday should not split the claim form at midnight on Friday. The new pay terms and conditions for standby duty will provide a duty payment based on the length of duty time. Claims should continue into Saturday morning as they would during the normal weekdays. Saturday morning into Sunday morning, and Sunday morning into Monday morning can both be claimed as 2 24-hour periods.

Timesheets for craft workers will be available via your business support teams. All other employees should use the 'time recording forms – standby sleep-in rotas’ which you can access on this website, or by asking your line manager