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New process for eligible employees to claim Social Work England and HCPC fee reimbursement

30 August 2023

Following feedback from colleagues that currently claim back Social Work England registration and Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) fees, we have created a new process that will save time, prevent duplication, and speed up the process of the reimbursement.

Employees who are required as part of their role to maintain Social Work England or HCPC registration and are eligible to a fee reimbursement will now make claims through Workplace. This will be checked and approved by their line manager and paid with the next salary payment. There will no longer be a requirement to send registration details and receipts to HR Services.

These fees will be claimed in the same way travel claims are made. Please see the following updated process:

  1. Employee renews registration on the relevant website, for example Social Work England.
  2. Employee retains a copy of the receipt.
  3. Employee creates/updates a 'travel and expenses' claim on Workplace using the same claim as their mileage for the month by:
    • clicking on 'enter receipts'
    • recording their fee claim by clicking on 'new entry'
    • entering the details, selecting either 'Social Work registration' or 'HCPC registration' from the 'expense type' dropdown box - whichever is applicable
      The claim is submitted for approval as per the normal mileage claim process using the record a monthly travel claim miniguide.
  4. Line manager process to authorise the claim:
    • check the registration on the appropriate website for confirmation of registration on Social Work England or HCPC.
    • check the receipt from Social Work England or HCPC
    • check the previous claim history
    • approve or decline the expense claim on Workplace using the same process as a travel claim
  5. If approved the claim will be paid with the next salary payment.

Employees can still choose to pay their registration fees in instalments and will follow the process each time a payment is claimed.

Claims should be submitted within 3 months of the payment being made.