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Continue to work from home if you can

14 May 2020

Although the government has now released guidance on how to make workplaces COVID-secure, we have more work to do before we're in a position to allow increased numbers of staff to return to their usual place of work. The guidance remains clear that colleagues should continue to work from home where they are able to do so.

We're creating a corporate strategy which outlines a phased approach to returning to the workplace where this is required and our corporate property team is working with departmental managers to identify priority services and agree plans.

You will have seen that we're opening our household waste recycling centres next week and other services will begin to reopen in line with government guidance. It's important that we only do this where plans are in place to keep staff and service users as safe as possible.

Our frontline teams should continue to use any necessary PPE and follow social distancing advice. But if you're able to work from home then you should do so until further notice.