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Countdown to our annual Employee Survey begins

4 February 2022

This week begins our countdown to the annual Employee Survey which opens on 28 February and closes on 27 March 2022.

Why do we run an annual Employee Survey?

We want all of you to have a voice so that we can better understand how you feel about working here and which areas we need to focus on to improve. Our last Employee Survey ran in December 2020 and 32% of our colleagues responded, which was a good starting point. This year, we’d like to get even more people to participate.  

Your views – Listening and engaging

You might be wondering "what happened as a result of the last survey?” Each department was asked to hold an engagement forum to get views and insights on some of the key issues that people were raising. 300 volunteers from across the council took part in this, which was fantastic to see. The feedback from these forums was then shared at the organisation engagement forum.  

Following this, each department was asked to develop an action plan which focused on the 3 to 4 areas for improvement that were specific to them. Teams within the departments were also asked to produce a team action plan, focusing on the key issues that were relevant to them. An organisation-wide action plan was then developed, based on the 4 main themes that were being fed back.  

Organisation action plan themes:

Modern Ways of Working

People wanted more clarity on this project and how it would impact on them. As a result, you’ll have seen a lot more communications and an employee briefing focused on this. The team have worked collaboratively across departments to ensure that there's a good understanding of different team needs and to help us as an organisation to move towards a more modern hybrid way of working that works better for everyone. 


Our Learning and Development team have started looking at how we can enhance our induction experience for new employees and they're busy designing new team, department and corporate induction programmes. There’s still work to do but it's progressing at pace! 

Managing our workload

This one was around our wellbeing and developing some principles to help manage meetings and workload more effectively. Some examples of what teams have been doing to improve in this area are: finishing online meetings 5 minutes before the hour so that colleagues could get a break in between back-to-back meetings; respecting people’s personal time by not calling or emailing them when they’re off work; making sure people take their lunch breaks. There will be many more examples of this in your team and we’d love to hear the types of things you’ve been doing on this. 

Leadership Development

Another key area our Learning and Development team are working on is a development programme to support all our leaders to be more effective in their roles, investing in their ongoing professional development. 

Next week you will hear more from your departments on the specific things they’ve been focusing on over this last year.