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COVID-19 infection rate data now published at local level

14 July 2020

Detailed information on coronavirus cases at a local level is now available.

Understanding the rates of COVID-19 infection across Derbyshire is essential so we can act quickly to manage any local outbreaks and can be of use to our residents in taking appropriate precautions.

The data is given by ‘middle layer super output area’, which are geographical areas used by the NHS and the Office for National Statistics to report local data. By making the information available at this level we can ensure that patient confidentiality is maintained whilst ensuring that our residents have detailed information. The information is currently updated weekly.

Obviously handwashing, maintaining a social distance of two metres and wearing a mask on public transport are the best methods of stopping the spread of Coronavirus regardless of the infection rate in a given area. We are continuing to encourage residents to follow the national and local advice, to get a COVID-19 test and isolate immediately if they are showing symptoms.