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Early Payment Partnership (EPP) - a new early payment programme for suppliers

31 August 2023

Work has been taking place to launch a new initiative for our suppliers.

The Early Payment Partnership (EPP) will give our suppliers the opportunity to be paid earlier than contracted, whilst also enabling us to improve payment processes and generate much-needed savings.

Systems are currently being designed and tested. We are running 2 pilot tenders that include the early payment programme and if these come to fruition then they will be the first 2 contracted suppliers to join the scheme.

The official go-live date of this initiative will be towards the end of September after which all tenders over £50,000 will include the EPP as part of the procurement process.

For the programme to be a success it will be essential for orders and invoices to be processed promptly across the council ensuring payments to EPP suppliers are made within 10 days. Your much-needed support in achieving this is appreciated.

We will keep you updated as the launch approaches. In the meantime, if you have any queries please email