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Employee mental health and wellbeing online session

5 August 2021

Do you want time to talk in a friendly, non-judgemental environment? Some of our employees have set up an online mental health and wellbeing group. The group has met a few times already and has planned another session on Friday 13 August.

Because the group is online it means that any employees can join us, no matter where they are based and everyone is certainly most welcome.

It's a friendly group, led by employees for those wanting to chat about experiences of mental health and emotional wellbeing. Our mental health champions and first aiders can also help you find out what support services are available – both within the council and locally.

The group hasn’t been set up officially by the council, there won’t be any mental health professionals or counsellors present.

Join the group on Friday 13 August from 12.30pm – 1.30pm. There’s no need to book, you can just join us on Teams.

To find out more or if you’d like to get a calendar invite please email

See our advice and support for mental health.