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Employee survey - responding to your feedback

6 October 2022

Today, (6 October 2022) we want to start sharing with you our plan to address the feedback and suggestions we’ve been hearing from you in our department and organisation engagement forums. But first, a quick summary of what’s been happening since we ran our employee survey back in February.

We held our employee survey between 28 February and 27 March 2022 and received a 42% response rate. Thank you to everyone who took part and shared their views.

We shared the initial results and analysis with the corporate management team on 26 April.

Sessions were held with department management teams between 25 April and 25 May to share the results and our next steps approach.

Wider communications on our results were shared from 4 May, both in Our Derbyshire and directly from the executive directors, these included links to team survey reports and supporting materials

For managers to hold local team engagement and action planning sessions. We shared the 3 priority areas that we wanted to focus on this year:

  • i am rewarded fairly
  • i am valued and recognised
  • i am involved in decisions that affect me and my work

Department engagement forums were held between 1 June and 11 July. A total of 321 volunteers from across the 4 departments that were invited to their department-specific forums.

We shared the feedback from these department forums with senior leaders and took further feedback during a shaping the future session held on 15 July.

On 22 July, Emma Alexander, Managing Director, led our organisation engagement forum where all the collated feedback from the department forums was shared, discussed and suggestions taken about what we might want to focus on improving within our organisation action plan. The 321 volunteers were invited to this session.

We are now at the point of sharing our new organisation action plan for 2022 to 2023.

Having listened to feedback, we have decided to hold our next employee survey in June 2023. This will ensure that engagement and action planning sessions do not clash with end of year activities and provides us with time to really address the feedback you have shared with us.

Because of the sheer volume of feedback we’ve had, it’s a lot to squeeze into one communication, and we want to do this justice, because your feedback is really important. So over the next few weeks, we will be sending out some detailed communications focusing on each area of feedback. We will be sharing:

  • what activity is already underway to address some of your feedback and suggestions
  • what suggestions you have put forward that we are unable to take forward at this time and the reasons why
  • and finally, what new activities will be included our new organisation action plan for 2022-23.

Keep an eye out for our next communication on “I am rewarded fairly”, which will be coming out next week.

Please can all line managers ensure their teams are briefed on this communication, particularly those who do not have a Derbyshire email address, or who don’t access it regularly. It’s important that we update all colleagues on what we’re doing to address their feedback from the employee survey.