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Employees travelling abroad - updated guidance

21 August 2020

Our guidance on complying with quarantine measures following overseas travel has been updated to simplify our approach and is no longer dependent on when the booking was made.

We continue to ask anyone planning to travel overseas to discuss those plans with their manager and agree the approach that will be taken to comply with any applicable quarantine measures. This includes travel to any countries with a quarantine exemption to ensure plans are in place should short notice changes be applied.

Should you be required to comply with quarantine measures, the following support will be considered:

  • undertaking normal duties from home
  • undertaking alternative duties from home
  • additional annual leave
  • unpaid leave

If you choose to travel overseas in line with government guidance and the quarantine advice changes following arrival at the overseas destination, then consideration may be made to support you with the provision of normal pay for the returning quarantine period.

Please contact your line manager for further information.