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Everyone on board!

22 December 2021

Our Public Health department were delighted to invite all our Joined up Care Derbyshire colleagues to join us for a conversation with Professor Donna Hall on Wednesday 2 February 2022; event kindly supported by NHS England and NHS Improvement.

Watch a recording of the event

About the meeting

We couldn’t be more excited that Professor Donna Hall joined us in Derbyshire (albeit online!). Professor Hall brings a wealth of experience in working to put citizens and communities at the centre of how things are done.

Professor Hall pioneered ‘The Wigan Deal’, an innovative set of reforms that saw the borough turn around the way it interacted with citizens. She also championed a social contract movement in Chorley, known as the ‘Chorley Smile’. Professor Hall has also won the Northern Power Women Transformational Leader award in 2017 for the ‘Believe in Her’ campaign, to address gender parity.

Currently Professor Hall is the chair for the New Local Government Network, an independent think tank and network which aims to “transform public services and unlock community power” (New Local, 2021). She is also currently the Chair of Bolton NHS Foundation Trust, an Integrated Care System advisor to NHS England, an Honorary Professor at the University of Manchester, and a Non-Executive advisor to Birmingham City Council.

So, with all that in mind – we hope you’ll join us for what is likely to be an inspirational and memorable hour. However, more importantly, we hope it will be an hour which can spark ideas and inspire commitment to support our shared journey towards a fairer and healthier Derbyshire.

For more information, contact Dr Jo Hall, email


As servants of the citizens of Derby and Derbyshire we said we can do things differently:

  • we can listen more! - listen to our communities, our frontline workers, and citizens as whole people
  • we can trust more! - empower our communities and frontline staff, give up some control
  • listen more to our frontline workers
  • have more meaningful conversations with our citizens, designing services around them, less governance and red tape!

Our role in doing things differently will be to:

  • put communities and citizens first
  • commit to engage in genuine co-production
  • champion better links with communities.
  • challenge (ourselves and others) more
  • invite citizens to be our critical friends
  • think beyond our own organisations more
  • form a cross-system leadership group that puts communities / residents first
  • keep our plans and aims clear and concise
  • share, promote and grow good practice
  • be brave!
  • look more to communities for the answers
  • ensure co-production is an embedded part of what we do
  • share best practice to stimulate discussion

And to support this to happen we need:

  • clear and strong leadership that puts its trust in people and allows time for us to collaborate and co-produce solutions with people that improve peoples lives
  • knowing that leaders across all organisations and departments are bought into this approach
  • more freedoms and flexibility, a simpler system
  • freedom to move away from statistics, into real community engagement and projects
  • across-system leadership buy-in
  • all system leaders speaking with one voice
  • trust from leaders
  • permission to act on behalf of citizens
  • more added-value appreciation
  • easy access to small central pots of money
  • swift decision-making, less bureaucracy
  • protected budgets to do longer-term things
  • stable staffing
  • recognition of staff skills set, and autonomy
  • inequality workshops to help us understand our combined roles
  • training on co-production and different ways of working
  • more training and events like this
  • space and time across the system to continue this conversation

These findings based on 78 respondents who completed the feedback survey.

Next stop

We'll be sending out invitations to join us for some shared learning around co-production with a leading UK collective.