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Free fitness sessions

12 January 2024

Do you want to start the new year by moving more, feeling physically fitter, and giving yourself a mental boost? 

If so, our Live Life Better Derbyshire service delivers 30-minute online classes with exercises that are adapted for all abilities.


  • 12.15pm: Lower back stretch and strengthen
  • 1pm: Legs, bums, and tums


  • 1pm: Bodyweight circuits


  • midday: Mobilise and stretch
  • 5pm: Pilates


  • 12.30pm: Yoga
  • 1pm: Back care Pilates


  • 8.30am: Full body workout

For more details and to book onto a class, head to Joined Up Care Derbyshire Wellebing's activity timetable where you can also find other wellbeing sessions run by Joined Up Care Derbyshire's partner organisations.