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Further opportunities to support our testing centres

8 January 2021

We now have 3 testing centres open in Swadlincote and with more centres due to open in the coming weeks, we still need your help.

Community testing centreWe’re looking for colleagues to take on team leader, testing operative and site operative roles at various locations on a full-time or part-time basis. We also need colleagues to support from home by helping with administrative tasks such as managing staff rotas and ordering supplies.

If you’re willing to take on any of these roles, please get in touch by completing the expression of interest form.

One of the many people who have already shown their Derbyshire spirit and stepped up to help is troubled families locality lead, Alison Davies. Alison is working as a team leader at Grove Hall in Swadlincote alongside her existing role and had this to say about why she decided to take on the role and how she has found the experience:

“Watching and listening to my friends and colleagues who have been working so hard on the frontline during this pandemic made me feel that I wanted to do more to support them and the community to get through this difficult time.

“Also, after working from home since the first lockdown, I felt that getting out and doing something that will make a difference seemed like a good idea.

“Any concerns about my own and my family’s wellbeing were soon reduced when I arrived at the testing centre as I could see how well everything had been organised and that people’s safety was paramount.

“The feedback from the local community has been really positive and people are so grateful that this service is being provided for them. We have found asymptomatic people who had no idea they had COVID and they have now been able to isolate.

I am really enjoying working at the centres, I’ve met some fantastic people and I have learnt lots of new skills, but most of all, I now feel that I am doing my bit and that’s a great feeling to have.”

We'll fully train and support colleagues and any redeployment will be on your current pay grade unless you're currently working in a lower paid role. Additional and relief hours worked will be paid at the grade for the role which you are undertaking.

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