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Gritting season is around the corner

12 November 2021

Do you know which roads we grit? There’s lots of information on our website, and a map which tells you when a road was last gritted.

We grit around half of the roads in the county, with our gritting routes split into primary, secondary and tertiary routes.

Primary routes are treated during the day and night and we will ‘pre-treat’ before bad weather hits. Gritting continues 24 hours a day if necessary. These gritting crews cover around 1,000 miles of road.

Secondary routes cover around 550 miles of road and are generally only treated in the daytime with the first run being completed by mid-morning. This helps overcome the problem of parked cars getting in the way of gritter vehicles doing their job on residential roads at night.

When bad weather hits keep your eye on our social media channels – Facebook and Twitter – this is where you will find out if main roads are closed.