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Inspiring Leaders leadership development programme update

9 November 2023

Inspiring Leaders was launched earlier this year and remains a priority as we continue to support, develop, and inspire high performance at all levels.

Effective leadership is essential in addressing the challenges we face in local government, including our immediate priority to reduce costs and manage organisational change.

Over 500 of our leaders (from grade 13 upwards) have started the programme, with some completing their 5-month learning journey, including our team of directors and executive directors who are leading the way. Please watch this 3-minute video to hear about their experiences and the positive impact Inspiring Leaders will have for all of us.

The second year of the programme starting in April 2024 will include our leaders who are grade 12 to 9, with all remaining leaders participating in the third year. You can find out more about the Inspiring Leaders programme and how the impact of this investment will benefit the whole organisation by watching this short video from Emma Alexander.

In the 5-month programme, leaders are encouraged to be curious, open-minded, and committed because the more they put into the programme, the more they and their teams will benefit. 

It starts with a 360-degree feedback exercise called the Truth Teller and helps colleagues to identify areas of strength and improvement. It means that some of you will be asked to contribute by providing feedback. This feedback is not anonymous and is a tried and tested method successfully implemented in similar organisations.

If you have been nominated to give feedback your opinion is valued. You will be asked to think about and provide feedback on how you experience your colleague.

Find out more about the Truth Teller and how to contribute.