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Introduction of our new performance development review (PDR) approach

5 May 2023

We recently shared our revised Performance Management Policy and explained that we are replacing My Plan with a new PDR process.

Our senior leaders have been talking to their teams about the new approach and the supporting resources that are available on Our Derbyshire.   

In this short video, Emma Alexander explains our new approach and the value it can bring.   

We also recommend taking a look at the new e-book which provides a great introduction into the new approach and the tools and resources available to support.

Next steps

The deadline for all end of year performance reviews for 2022/23 was the end of April.

For senior leaders participating in the PDR, all validating manager comments need to be complete by end of May in preparation for the talent reviews.

All 2023/24 PDRs should be planned so that all colleagues have their goals and personal development plans agreed by the end of May.

For any help or guidance, please contact your line manager or for specific PDR process queries, email