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It's all change in how we procure goods and services

9 February 2024

The Procurement Act 2023 will introduce the most significant changes to the way public sector organisations, including local authorities, buy goods and services, for a generation. This is the first of many planned communications to begin sharing what we know about the act and the training and support being offered to staff and suppliers.

These changes, expected to be live in October 2024, brings a single regime that is simpler, faster, more transparent, less bureaucratic, and better meets our needs.

The new Act is expected to bring a range of benefits, including:

  • creating a simpler and more flexible commercial system that better meets our needs while remaining compliant with our obligations
  • opening public procurement to new suppliers such as small businesses and social enterprises
  • taking tougher action on underperforming suppliers and excluding suppliers that pose unacceptable risks
  • embedding transparency throughout the commercial lifecycle so that the spending of taxpayers’ money can be properly scrutinised

If you work in procurement or your work touches on procurement (finance, legal, contract managers, specialist advisers and commissioners) you need to understand and keep up-to-date with these changes.

We're inviting you to view The Official Transforming Public Procurement Knowledge Drops for contracting authorities parts 1 through 6. The training is in the form of 6 YouTube video clips and combined should last for approximately 55 minutes.

If you have any questions, please email and they will collate these into a question and answer document for sharing. They'll be taking the lead on these changes. They may not have all the answers at this stage, but they'll record all questions and get answers as soon as they are able.