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Less than 2 weeks left to complete the 2024 employee survey

18 June 2024

We’re very pleased to report that so far, 25% of colleagues have responded to the 2024 employee survey, however, we still need lots more of you to take part and have your say.

The employee survey is important for 3 key reasons:


We can only improve things if we start by measuring them. Running a survey allows organisations to see how people feel about working there and identify any potential issues

Employee voice

The survey acts as a touchpoint in time that allows everyone to have a voice about how they feel in their place of work. The employee survey is run anonymously so that people feel safe and able to answer the questions honestly

To make improvements

Understanding where colleagues feel there are issues helps us develop our local team action plans and what we do as an organisation to make improvements. The survey is the starting point, followed by discussion and taking action

Complete the employee survey.