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LGBT+ History Month 2022

3 February 2022

LGBT+ History Month runs throughout February and focusses on the celebration and recognition of LGBT+ people, history and culture.

It looks at the improvements made to date, in securing equal rights and fighting against discrimination, as well as considering the progress still to be made, both in terms of work and service delivery.

It is vital for everyone to feel that they can be themselves at work, but it is not always the case and more than a third of LGBT staff in the UK have hidden that they are LGBT+ at work for fear of discrimination and unfair treatment.

LGBT+ employees more likely to experience harassment at work.

We all play a role in creating an environment and culture where everyone is treated fairly and with dignity and respect. Therefore, as individuals, teams, and departments we must continue to show our support and be there for each other, champion our values, and stand together with our communities.

Visit our libraries

Throughout February our libraries in Bolsover, Heanor and Glossop are displaying a range of LGBT+ books and educational resources. If you are passing by, why not to stop and visit, or for latest updates follow Derbyshire Libraries on Facebook or Derbyshire Libraries on Twitter.

Join our LGBT+ employee network

If you're interested in helping to change things for the better for LGBT+ employees and users of our services, please consider joining our LGBT+ employee network. The group meets regularly through MS Teams and its meetings are open to any employee.