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Make sure you're using your annual leave

20 January 2022

Taking annual leave is important for your wellbeing so please make sure you take leave at regular intervals or whenever it is practical to do so. You're expected to use your annual leave within the 2021/2022 leave year including any carry-over from the previous year.

We appreciate that it's been difficult for those in roles critical to the COVID-19 response to use their leave, but it's important that everyone makes arrangements to take some time off.

In addition to supporting your wellbeing, we also need to avoid potential issues in accommodating large numbers of employees wanting to take leave at the end of the leave year. Please enter your annual leave through your usual recording mechanism as soon as possible so that your manager can review and approve it.

You may carry over up to 5 days (pro rata) leave to the next leave year with the approval of your manager. Where there are exceptional circumstances, you may carry forward up to 10 days (pro rata) leave with executive director approval.

Please consider your own wellbeing and make sure you are using your annual leave.