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Mandatory learning for all colleagues

20 June 2024

Learning and development is an important part of everyone’s role.

You will be familiar with some learning that is already mandatory for all colleagues, which is repeated at set intervals or as a one-off piece of learning - Equality, diversity and inclusion, Information governance and Prevent.

In addition to this, the Corporate Management Team (CMT) has approved a programme of core mandatory learning which should be completed by all colleagues by September 2024:

  • Climate change induction: a one-off piece of e-learning, taking around 40 minutes to complete
  • Cyber security awareness: 3 bitesize awareness videos, totalling around 10 minutes to complete and to be repeated every 3 years
  • Fraud prevention: an e-learning module, taking around 30 minutes to complete and to be repeated every 3 years

You can find the courses by clicking on the links or using a link in an email which you will receive by Monday 1 July 2024.

If you have completed any of these courses previously, you won’t need to complete them again until the date of your renewal (if applicable), which will be displayed in your learning record on Derbyshire Learning Online.