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Mandatory requirement to complete Prevent (Counter Terrorism and Extremism) training

30 November 2020

Prevent is one strand of the government counter-terrorism strategy CONTEST, which aims to identify people at risk of radicalisation or supporting terrorism.

Prevent is a statutory duty for all Derbyshire County Council employees under the Counter Terrorism and Extremism Act 2015. No matter what your role is, you should have some form of Prevent training so that you:

  • know what Prevent is
  • are able to spot the signs that someone is being radicalised
  • are able to share our concerns, so individuals can be safeguarded

Many of you will have already completed Prevent (Counter Terrorism) eLearning or have attended a Workshop to Raise Awareness of Prevent (WRAP) training since the statutory Prevent Duty came into force. You now need to complete one form of Prevent training every 2 years. The training you do will fulfil your mandatory element and is called 'certification'.

If you have already completed a Prevent course within the last 2 years, you only need to 're-certificate' when your certification window opens within Derbyshire Learning Online. If you do the training when your window is not open, it won't count towards your mandatory requirement to do it.

If you have never completed any Prevent Courses, or it has been longer than 2 years, you should aim to complete one within 6 months of your certification window opening.

The Prevent training will be set live in Derbyshire Learning Online on 1 December 2020. You should receive an email telling you to complete your training if it is due or out of date. For those of you without access to IT, please speak to your manager to access the training.

This training will help us to identify and support more vulnerable people, it could prevent them from being drawn into terrorism.

Find out more about Prevent and how to access and complete your training.