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Message from Executive Director, Emma Alexander 19 September 2020

18 September 2020

You may or may not have children, you may be a step-parent, a sister or brother, a grandparent, an aunt or uncle, or your kids have (finally) grown up and flown the nest.

But did you know as an employee of Derbyshire County Council, you’re also a parent?  A ‘corporate parent’, that is, to over 870 children in our care. I would say it’s the most important job we all do.

Every single one of us, as a council employee – whichever department we belong to – has something vital to contribute towards our shared responsibility for children in our care.

Whether that’s supporting a teenager in care with a work placement, explaining our fostering and adoption messages to your family and friends or, as so many of our employees have done over the years, taking the ultimate step and becoming a foster carer yourself.

Sadly, the coronavirus pandemic has meant more children than ever need our help.

It’s a myth that you can’t be a foster carer if you work for us. The truth is that there are many types of fostering, including short break or respite caring, that you can do alongside your work.

There are lots of other myths about fostering too. Such as you can’t foster if you’re single, LGBTQ+, don’t own your own home, are disabled, believe you’re too young or too old, haven’t had children or still have children at home – to name but a few of these myths. They are all false.

We welcome foster carers from every background. Our mission is to provide the very best for the vulnerable children in our care and, put simply, that’s someone who has room in their heart and their home and the patience, time and skills to look after them.

There are as many different reasons that a child comes into our care as there are reasons our foster carers choose to support them. Our children in care don’t come in neat packages and neither do our amazing band of foster carers.

Of course, not everyone reading this will be in a position to foster a child or young person. But I’d ask that you help us to spread our fostering messages to your family, friends and colleagues.

And if you’ve ever thought about fostering, please do have a chat with our fantastic fostering team. They’d love to hear from you.