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Message from Executive Director, Jane Parfrement 15 October

16 October 2020

As time goes on during this weird period in our lives it is likely that we will all have up days when we feel really positive, and difficult days when we feel fed up and that we are stuck in a horrible remake of Groundhog Day (without the cute rodent and ice sculptures). However, in these circumstances I think it is really important to celebrate the little wins, big wins and outright amazing.

I would really encourage all of you to take out 15 minutes over the next couple of weeks and jot down the things you have achieved in the last year.

I realised when I did this that there is so much that has been achieved, and while Covid might have wobbled our course we are still on it. One of my achievements, working with the team, is embedding our Care Leavers service in house and receiving some really positive feedback from young people.

I also realised that it is sometimes the little achievements that can be just as big, like learning how to record into a PowerPoint presentation. Just seeing these achievements noted down can bring that sense of making a difference which is ultimately what drives most of us in the public sector.

Despite the Groundhog Day feeling, like Bill Murray, we can achieve loads even if on the surface every day is the same. And if you’ve not watched Groundhog Day, you really must, it’s a modern classic.