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Message from Executive Director Jane Parfrement 27 November 2020

30 November 2020

I want to share something with you that has made me so pleased. Here in children's services we've recently been receiving far more compliments than complaints. It's the first time we've seen this and it got me thinking.

Now I know that from time to time things do not go to plan, mistakes are made and we receive complaints. And like departments across the council we always do our best to learn from the complaints we receive.

But it does feel really good to be getting more compliments. I know how excellent our employees are, and how hard you are all working, particularly during this pandemic, but it is really lovely to know that the public think so too.

We all like to receive praise, and thanking someone for a job well done can only take a small amount of time, but can mean so much.

As a result I have already tried to show my appreciation to those around me – to the holiday company customer service advisor who helped me to move my holiday and to the supermarket worker who served me – I could have grumbled about the 40 minute telephone queue or the lack of items in the supermarket that I wanted but it felt really good to tell them how much I appreciated what they were doing in difficult times.

My thanks to everyone of you working for the council. These are hard times for us all, and what you all do does make a difference to the lives of those we work to serve.