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Message from Executive Director, Jane Parfrement 4 September 2020

4 September 2020

This week we’ve seen a key part of our enterprising council approach finalised as our cleaning and caretaking service, and property design service moved to joint venture companies we’ve set up with Suffolk County Council.

These services will work in a more commercial way, delivering improved value for money while continuing to be operated by companies wholly owned by the public sector.

Our enterprising council approach is helping us rise to the challenges we face by thinking and doing things differently. We need to think differently to get the best outcomes out of every penny we spend.

Some of the other key projects we’re working on as part of our enterprising council approach includes the work being done by colleagues in highways as they implement a new way of delivering their services in Derbyshire.

We’ve reviewed other services, like our leaving care service, and brought them in-house, to give us better value for money and a better service for those in our care.

We’re also implementing our Better Lives programme which is designed to assess the Older People and Whole Life Disability Pathways delivered by Adult Social Care and Health and Children’s Services to improve outcomes and reduce costs by an estimated £21 million a year.

And we’ve completed an ambitious programme of reviews across a wide range of corporate functions, putting in place new centralised models of delivery to secure savings and create more efficient and value for money services.

Being an Enterprising Council means that we look at everything we do and ask ourselves could we do it better if we did it differently? If you want to find out more about the work we are doing read about Enterprising Council phase 2 in the Cabinet agenda for Thursday 10 September 2020.

If you have any ideas for your service then please talk to your manager. Working together we can rise to the challenges we face and deliver better, more effective services for the people of Derbyshire.