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Microsoft Teams - what's in it for you?

23 July 2020

As we all work on getting to grips with the practical side using Teams it's also important to think about how it can help improve the way you work. Initially most of us will just be using Teams as a communication tool but even now, there's plenty of opportunity for it to help you in your role.

Using Teams will support communication between team members whether that's a departmental team or a group brought together to work on a specific project. This is particularly important at the moment as many of us are working from home and not able to interact face-to-face like before. A simple chat group set up between colleagues means you can check in on each other, ask quick questions, get a second opinion or just let each other know when you need to take break. This can help us all stay connected and look out for each other.

Teams can also cut down on the number of emails that go back and forth between groups of people because all the discussion can be held within a chat group. You can even share a file so you're all editing the same document and you don't need to keep track of versions on an email thread.

Using Teams to make calls and hold meetings can help you get decisions made quickly since you can share your screen to discuss a piece of work and edit it there and then. Additional features such as being able to post links and further information in the chat box for the meeting gives others instant access to background information and the 'raising your hand' feature makes it easy to manage the discussion.

There are lots more features within Teams that will be released to everyone in the near future. But we hope you'll begin to explore the potential in Teams to help you save time and work more collaboratively with your colleagues.