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Million trees reaches first milestone

23 June 2023

Our project to support the planting of a million trees across Derbyshire by 2030 has reached its first milestone with more than 100,000 trees now recorded on our website.

Residents, businesses and organisations which have planted a tree anywhere in the county since June 2021 can count them towards our total by adding them to our online map.

We’re looking ahead to this year’s planting season, which starts in October, to plant more trees across our own estate.
And we’re encouraging residents, businesses and landowners to plant more too.

If you’ve planted a tree in Derbyshire outside of work since June 2021, you can add it to our total on the Million Trees website

If you or your service has planted a tree at work since June 2021, or if you think there might be space to a plant a tree at your place of work other than County Hall, then please email