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National Apprenticeship Week

22 February 2023

We were delighted to support National Apprentice Week which took place between 6 and 12 February 2023.

Our aim was to raise the profile of apprenticeships, explain the benefits and bust some of the myths that are out there.

If you missed it, you can read the National Apprencticeship Week news article that was shared through the Our Derbyshire newsletter on 8 February. We put together some useful information for line managers that was included in the managers’ bulletin that went out the same week.

We also used our social media channels to show our support for National Apprenticeship Week, promote the amazing apprentices we have in the council and our current apprenticeship opportunities. As a result we received a number of apprenticeship applications, an increase in job alerts being set up for apprenticeships and an increase in people visiting our webpages - amazing!

Here’s what happened during National Apprenticeship Week:

The Big Assembly

This live, virtual session invited all apprentices, employers and learning providers from across the country to come together to learn more about the power of apprenticeships, watch a live question and answer session and explore some common apprenticeship myths. This years ‘Big Assembly’ was broadcast right here in Derbyshire, at the National Stone Centre in Wirksworth, which made it even more exciting – especially as more than 140,000 people tuned in to watch!

We were also lucky enough to send 3 of our previous apprentices to the Big Assembly in person. A huge thank you to Cheyenne Dixon (ASCH), Ruby Silverman (ASCH) and Thomas Lewins (CST) for offering to inspire others by being interviewed about their own apprenticeship experience. Their video will be live on Our Derbyshire soon.

Here are some of their thoughts on the Big Assembly:

Thomas Lewins:

“What I enjoyed most about the Big Assembly was seeing the content and advertisement for apprenticeships from the outside. A key thing I took away was just how broad the variety of different apprenticeships is for people to undertake”

Ruby Silverman:

“I found attending the Big Assembly event interesting. I got to see the variety of apprenticeships offered and listen to the stories of those who have completed them. It really solidified and inspired me for my future plan to apply for the social worker apprenticeship, as I feel confident this would definitely be the right step to further my career”.

Watch a replay of the Big Assembly which lasts around 35 minutes.

Apprenticeship networking pilot

On Thursday 9 February current apprentices from Organisational Design and Policy came together for the first time with the aim of working together to shape and develop a supportive network, which will give them the platform to share and learn from each other.

Jen Skila, Interim Director Organisational Design and Policy said:

“I personally gained a lot from the session, and it was great to see so many of our apprentices sharing their insights and planning how we will take this forward. It showed the real value and strength of coming together in person to share best practice and support both individual and team development”.

Our apprentices found the session useful too, with this feedback:

“The whole session exceeded expectations”

“Meeting new people, knowing who else was doing an apprenticeship, and learning who does what in different teams is something that was really beneficial for me”

“It was a great opportunity to see how as an apprenticeship community network we could support one another”.

Organisation apprentice event

On Monday 13 March, we will be bringing all of our apprentices from across the council together in person for the first time.

Hosted by Managing Director, Emma Alexander, this session will recognise the contributions our apprentices make, hear success stories, provide the opportunity to network with fellow apprentices and there will be a Q&A with Emma Alexander and some of our previous apprentices.

We’re thrilled to be able to put on a session like this in County Hall with apprentices from every department.

Invites for the session have already been sent out. If you haven’t had an invite and believe you should have received one, please email

Drop-in sessions

On Friday 10 February we hosted two virtual drop-in sessions - one for managers and one for employees.

We will be hosting these sessions on a regular basis on different days of the week.

You can find details of upcoming sessions on our apprenticeships page.

There will be no agenda to these sessions. Just time we’re putting aside for you drop in and ask any questions you may have about apprenticeships.

Thank you

Finally, thank you for taking the time to read this update and any of the communications we shared during National Apprenticeship Week. And a huge thank you to those who helped support with our activities during the week itself.

If you have any further questions about apprenticeships at the council, visit the apprenticeships page or email the team at