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New contractor for in-service appliance testing

9 February 2024

We have appointed JR Pat Testing as our new supplier for in-service appliance testing which includes Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) and fixed appliance testing. This replaces the PAT contract we previously had with Circuit Electrical.

Health and safety regulations require electrical appliances and equipment to be inspected and tested to check that they are safe and well maintained. 

It is the responsibility of each department to ensure these tests are carried out at council properties including offices, schools, homes for older people, libraries and children’s centres. Please continue to raise your service order as usual to the new provider.

Portable and fixed appliances

A portable appliance is an item of electrical equipment which is connected to the power supply with a flex and a plug and could include a range of appliances found in general office environments and public buildings. Portable appliances must be tested annually.

A fixed appliance is an item of electrical equipment that is connected to the electrical installation via a fixed outlet such as a hand dryer or water heaters. The interval between fixed appliance testing will usually be 2 years, however this should be confirmed by the site risk assessment

Testing at County Hall

Corporate fixed appliance testing orders for County Hall will be placed by the business service manager in the CST Compliance and Governance team and corporate portable appliance testing orders for County Hall will be placed by the Facilities Management Team.

Testing arrangements for all other buildings

To arrange a service, please raise a separate SAP Free Text Order or Limit order for either portable appliances or fixed appliances (not both). Please include on the order at site contact name and number, details of the site accessibility, and if possible, the approximate number of items to be tested.

All items to be tested will be charged at 60p per item for both portable and fixed appliance. There is no call out charge