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New senior management structure for Place

9 July 2021

The first phase of the Place review focussed on creating a new senior management structure to lead and manage service planning and delivery.  This review is now complete and the revised structure will take effect from 12 July. 

The 3 divisions in Place and key services will be:

Environment and Transport led by Claire Brailsford

  • climate change and environment
  • waste
  • transport (operational)

Economy and Regeneration led by Joe Battye

  • planning and public protection
  • programmes and projects
  • economic growth and development
  • libraries and heritage
  • trading standards

Trading Standards and libraries and heritage will be transferring from Commissioning, Communities and Policy to Place as there are real synergies with Place services and support the provision of a comprehensive offering to the communities of Derbyshire.

Highways led by Julian Gould

  • highways strategy
  • network planning
  • highways construction
  • highways design
  • emergency planning
  • road safety

Congratulations to Claire and Julian as newly appointed directors. The Place department is now looking forward to delivering on the critical programmes which will bring benefit to our fantastic county.