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Next week is Thank You Week

6 October 2023

We hope you’re ready for Thank You Week because it's taking place next week! 

There are lots of things to get involved with:

  • You could join one of 2 live Teams events that you’ve been invited to, where you can listen in to Emma Alexander and the Executive Directors as they share some great messages, celebrating our successes and achievements over this year. You can also use the Q&A panel to send in messages of thanks to your colleagues during these sessions. They will be held on:
    • Tuesday 10 October: 2pm-2.30pm, and
    • Thursday 12 October: 10am-10.30am
  • You can raise awareness by using the Thank You Week background in MS Teams.
  • You can use the praise button in MS Teams to recognise individuals for their contributions and show your appreciation.
  • You may see your Directors and Assistant Directors out and about visiting teams and/or running some virtual sessions.
  • You can send in messages to your colleagues for publication on our online message board using the Thank You Week messages form. Last year we had 232 messages, can we beat that this year?
  • Why not send out some thank you cards from our recognition toolkit?

Let’s make next week a fantastic celebration of all our colleagues.