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October reminder about the Performance Development Review (PDR) year

25 October 2023

We are now well through the performance year and mid-year performance development review (PDR) review meetings should be scheduled and completed during October / November.

 These mid-year reviews provide a great opportunity to review progress towards goals and personal development plans and to provide and discuss feedback on performance.

Please make sure you complete the mid-year review section on either the PDR app (grade 14 and above) or within the Word template (grade 13 and below) to summarise progress. Some goals might have been completed, others might no longer be applicable and there might be the opportunity to jointly agree new goals with your line manager. This is also a chance to review how you have demonstrated the competencies that you selected earlier in the PDR year to support the achievement of your goals.

Remember, we have a whole range of resources that are available to support you in your performance development review (PDR).

Reviewing changes

Now that the revised PDR approach has been in place for 6 months, we are taking the opportunity to review the changes we’ve made to the new process and are interested in getting your input.

  • a questionnaire will be sent for all colleagues to gather feedback and suggestions about the new PDR approach via the Our Derbyshire bulletin on 1 November  
  • focus groups via Teams will be set up to discuss your specific feedback about the PDR approach in more detail on 7, 14 and 21 November

We would ask that any volunteers who would like to be part of the focus groups, to contact the leadership, development and performance management team, email: