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Office 365 profile picture

13 January 2020

We've enabled a new feature which allows you to upload a photo of yourself into your Office 365 account.

This means that when other members of staff communicate with you using Outlook or Skype they'll see your profile picture displayed.

Uploading a photo as your profile picture is optional but we do encourage staff to participate as it enhances the Outlook and Skype experiences and helps you identify your colleagues more easily. Your profile picture won't be used outside of our organisation.

If you'd like to upload a profile picture to your Office 365 account we've created instructions on how you can do that, which you can download from the bottom of this page. The instructions include guidelines on what types of photos are suitable to use as your profile picture.

When taking a profile picture please ensure the following:

  • the picture is a recognisable recent image of yourself
  • that it's suitable for a professional environment
  • that it's a close-up of your face and includes your head and shoulders
  • that it's free from reflection or glare on glasses
  • that it contains no other people in the photo
  • that the image file size is smaller than 4MB